Lend and earn at the same time

The first payment lending platform
ran on masternodes

Q2 2018

  • Xano Blockchain Launch
  • Payment Lending Development

Q3 2018

  • WhitePaper Release
  • Payment Lending Development

Q4 2018

  • XANO Mobile Wallet Release


  • Payment Lending Platform Release



How to use?

Deposit BTC onto the platform, and lend them to someone in need for an incentive. In order to ensure our lenders won't be scammed, borrowers must provide government verification and use XANO as collateral

Option 1

Buy XANO on the exchange

Deposit to the payment lending platform

Request a loan/Borrow out money

Option 2

Buy XANO on the exchange

Withdraw to Wallet

Launch Masternode


In order to help support the XANO blockchain, users will be able to make masternodes using the POS system. Masternode owners will earn a reward for each block they verify to make sure it's legitimate. To run a masternode, you will need 10,000 XANO, and a vps which you can get a vultr.
Click -HERE- for the setup guide.

Check the reward breakdown below
Block 1 Premine
Block 2-40,001 75 XANO (75% MN / 25% MINER)
Block 40,002-90,001 50 XANO (75% MN / 25% STAKER)
Block 90,002-200,001 25 XANO (75% MN / 25% STAKER)
Block 200,002-616,666 20 XANO (75% MN / 25% STAKER)
Block 616,667-1,283,332 15 XANO (75% MN / 25% STAKER)
Block 1,283,333-1,983,332 10 XANO (75%MN / 25% STAKER)
Algorithm XEVAN
Mining: Proof-of-Stake / Proof-of-Work First 4000 blocks
Block Time 45 Seconds
Total Supply 40,000,000 XANO
Premine 3,600,000 XANO
MN Collateral 10,000 XANO
Masternode related statistics